Gothenburg International

Founded Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Club 83052 - Distrikt 2360 - Charter number

The original start

Rotary started with the vision of one man — Paul Harris. The Chicago attorney formed the Rotary Club of Chicago on 23 February 1905, so professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships.

Also present at the inaugural meeting were the three friends Silvester Schiele (coal merchant), Gustave E. Loehr (mining engineer), and Hiram E. Shorey (tailor). They chose the name Rotary because they would rotate the weekly meetings between each member's offices. The purpose was for men in different professional categories to meet regularly in good friendship.

Rotary naturally follows the development of society and nowadays there are no restrictions regarding gender, age, profession or any criteria of such kind to be allowed to candidate for membership in a Rotary club.

Over time, Rotary’s reach and vision gradually extended to humanitarian service. Members have a long track record of addressing challenges in their communities and around the world.

2010 to 2020
Rotary Club of Göteborg-Lindholmen

The Rotary Club Gothenburg-Lindholmen started on April 22, 2010 on the already very expansive and bubbling Lindholmen area. The charter president (the president who started the club) was Stig Ottosson who is now an honorary member. The club has since grown and we are constantly working to get bigger and develop into something better.

From 2020
Gothenburg-International Rotary Club

Gothenburg-International Rotary Club is the international club for the Gothenburg region.   We became an international club at the end of 2020. We greet visitors and speakers from all around the world in the innovative, dynamic and creative area of Lindholmen. We are an active club that at every meeting offers an exciting seminar and we look forward to welcoming new, committed members in the future.


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c/o Ericsson

Lindholmspiren 11
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